Meeting with YB Tuan Arthur Kurup, Deputy Minister of Economic Planning Unit

Thursday, 9 July 2020, Prime Minister’s Office.

This was a physical meeting at the Deputy Minister’s meeting room located in the Prime Minister’s Office main building.

Purpose of the meeting:

  • To create better understanding between the EPU team and APPGM-SDG team.
  • To find common areas for cooperation.
  • To feed in the findings into the RMK12 plan.

Present in the meeting were Deputy Minister YB Tuan Arthur Kurup, Dr Zunika, and 4 other officers from EPU.

Dr Denison, Nur Rahmah, Anthony Tan, along with Kon Onn Sein, Lavanya Rama Iyer, Kiu Jia Yaw, Omna Sreeni-Ong, Jeffrey Phang and Dr Line represented the APPGM-SDG Secretariat while Alizan Mahadi, Dr Zainal and Dr Khairul represented the Research Team.

Alizan presented the findings of the field visits while Dr Lin presented a summary of the 17 Capacity Building activities and 17 Solutions Projects s approved by the APPGM-SDG Committee. Dr Denison presented some concluding thoughts with 8 lessons.

YB Arthur was happy with the presentations. The idea of an SDG Institute was well received by EPU.

The meeting ended with a photography session with the EPU team.

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Finance Officer APPGM-SDG

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